ewwy **GUI** gopher guts? remote desktop? yet another Panel?

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Several of the users of my free unprivileged LXC powered VPSes[1] have broken their VPSes when trying to install a GUI.

There are two categories of GUIs which are wanted. A few people want a remote desktop. Other people want a control panel which will launch a stack, a framework, and maybe something else too.

Breakage sometimes includes sshd, which can be removed and masked even as the GUI install exits successfully. Or a bunch of errors in the install while also breaking sshd.

Can anybody please suggest a remote desktop or a control panel which can be installed cleanly by a remote user inside an unprivileged LXC container on both Red Hat derived and Debian derived systems without breaking ssh? And without increasing the level of privilege of the LXC containers?

Finally, it seems I am missing something about configuring the package systems. The package systems seem to be unaware that they are operating inside an unprivileged LXC container.

Thanks everybody! Have a great day!

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[1] https://talk.lowendspirit.com/discussion/786/ides-of-march-free-vps

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