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Now I have your attention :)

There is a new category to replace the Flash Limited time muse see deals thread: https://talk.lowendspirit.com/discussion/244/flash-limited-time-must-see-deals-only-thread-read-the-first-post-new

It was obvious people actually liked to discuss the deals posted in there the thread could not survive as a "subscribe to" thread so as discussed a few months ago and with @Solaire help it has been turned in to a category and a plugin written around it much like the exclusive deals plugin.

This category 'Must See deals' https://talk.lowendspirit.com/categories/must-see-deals- is where you post the deals you find that you want to share with the community except now they can be discussed without spamming peoples inboxes that have subscribed to an individual thread.

When you post them they will show up for 14 days 5 will display at any given time, 3 newest + 2 randoms

This is intended for use by the community e.g. ALERT OVH FLASH SALE. or found this 6 month trial for $1 or @seriesn had a baby so is offering 16 cores for $2 etc etc, it is not intended for hosts to post their own deals although hosts are people too so if we find a deal it is fine for hosts to post them just not their own.

I will give this 30 days or so to bed in with the community and then changes can be made as required, if you have any suggestions or comments about this please make them here in this thread.

@Solaire suggested perhaps merging the 2 plugins (exclusives and must see) and making them look different depending on what they are, might be an option.

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