Please share your nginx caching proxy configs

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Dear fellows,

I have used nginx for several years to run a busy website, bit since I gave up most of my online projects, nginx has never been touched again. I must admit that I forgot nearly everything that I knew about it.

I would now like to install nginx on a VPS to work as caching proxy in front of Apache.
Do you have any good configuration hints that you can share for the given use case scenario?
Any links to good sites with tutorials for this? I know that it is not overly complicated, I just do not want to miss any good config setting to get the best result possible and I am not aware of the options that nginx has to offer im the meantime...

Thank you very much in advance!

Amitz, a very stable genius (it's true!) and Grand Rectumfier of the "Official LES League of Shitposters"®

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