Offers wanted; looking for a new VPS in 3 different locations (APAC & EU)

For the past three years, I have been providing a public ad-blocking DNS service for free as a hobby project. Back in 2017, it was one of the very few (free) public ad-blocking DNS services. Nowadays there some big companies such as Quad9 are offering the same and I even had a guy copycat my entire website who consequently setup the same service under a similar name.

Anyway, currently the project is a victim of its own success. The VPSes I currently have do not cut it anymore. They are under heavy load thus leading to performance issues… and nobody likes a slow DNS server. Additionally, because Scaleway announced last month it’s going to increase it’s prices, I’m actively looking for a new home for the project, as I’m paying everything out of my own pocket.

Therefore I’m looking for offers for three VPSes (in total) with the following (minimum) specs:
500GB Bandwidth
10GB Disk (SSD or HDD doesn't matter)
1x IPv4
1x IPv6
Virtualization type is irrelevant, as long as it supports Docker

Locations needed:
1x APAC (For example Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc)
1x Netherlands, UK or Germany
1x France, Italy or Austria

Contract terms:
Preferably monthly, but am willing to opt for a yearly contract depending on the provider's reputation if that saves on costs.

The obvious answer to this one ;) Plus it's a hobby project of mine, so it's not worth it for me personally if the financial costs are outweighing the enjoyment I'm getting from providing this service for free to other people.


PS. I’m well aware of DNS amplification attacks. I have some mitigations in place to combat these, such as ignoring ANY queries and rate-limiting per IP address.



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