The Big List of BF/CM 2020 Offers (from Here and There)

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The other day in The Cest Pit, AnthonySmith and I had a brief exchange about ITLabs.. and the super amazing deal compilation he did from other sites/ locations for BFCM 2019.

Now that the BF 2020 madness is ramping up, I thought of starting that thread in that LowEndSpirit.

Pricing, discounts and terms of the deal are being changed by some providers. If you find a better offer, please post them (as some of you have done so!)
Looks like some providers are A/B testing- e.g. pricing is different for email offers versus offer on Stacksocial. Aggregators like Stacksocial and Appsumo also seem to be exxperimenting with/changing the pricing.

The deal can be posted by anyone
If you find a deal that you think might be of interest to this forum, please post!

In the interest of keeping things clean and simple,
a. Please post offers with adequate details only. In case of affilate links, pl refer to Forum rules.
b. Non-hosting related/ non-technology related deals are welcome!
c. Mention as much of the following
-clear title to help what the offer is about:
-product or service,
-terms of payment,
-discounted and original price. Please mention currency (e.g. US $ instead of just $ to avoid confusion)
-discount coupon,
-duration (one time/ annual/recurring, etc)
-Any comments or feedback if you have personal experience
-if the deal is not yet active, please mention the Go Live (and expiry date)

I am aware that is a lot of information to post, but the key here is, post as much as you know or can find out. LESbians are smart enough and motivated enough to figure out the rest.

I am posting the below actual offers to illustrate:
B. GeneratePress Note: GeneratePress deal is live, you can find the link here.
C. OceanWP (first paragraph says Generate Press which is a copy/pasta error as @seriesn puts it)



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