Review about NetCup?

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Planning to have netcup RS 2000 SAS. Anyone using their service?


  • AndreiAndrei Services Provider

    Been with them for about 2 years now... good hardware, great network, great uptime:

    Haven't used their support at all, so I can't speak to how good or bad that is.

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  • they provide what you signed up for. make sure you follow terms or they'll stick it in.

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  • Using them for 2 years, working solid without doubt. Using now for production, we haven't faced any problem.

    That too running monster applications and analytics, they promise dedicated v.core, we use max of it, no complaint or anything.

  • Cool... do check if they deduct eu vat for non eu residents. On the other forum I recall reading they don’t adjust And that might not be the case

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  • if you are individual, outside of EU, they charge VAT. If you are registered company in any countries in world [except EU], if you can produce countries govt approved documents like license, company name registration etc, they reduce 19% VAT.

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  • As others have said great service and hardware. You get exactly what it says on the tin with them. I've been using them for nearly 2 years. I've have both a server from the VPS and RS line. I have emailed their support a couple times who have always responded very quickly, not used their phone support though.

    Just check the terms. If you sign a contract for 12 months but 6 month billing you will pay at the start and then 6 months after. If you want to cancel it will be 30 days before the end of the contract period. Don't believe the horror stories around on some forums about cancellation. It's all very easy in their control panel and they give you the date of when the cancellation needs to be submitted.

    Keep an eye on their special offers page,, you will probably see an RS2000 come up will increased resources.

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  • Not to hijack the OP's thread, but does anyone have an experience with netcup's shared web hosting?

  • YmpkerYmpker OG
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    @casadebamburojo said:
    Not to hijack the OP's thread, but does anyone have an experience with netcup's shared web hosting?

    I think I explained it a bit more thoroughly elsewhere but tl;dr: It's a pain. Performance probably is good like usually with Netcup but domain setup etc is a pita (can't setup domain to netcup before their ns point to netcup so there will be downtime when migrating to it..also some third party ns were declined iirc..lovely). Root Servers are probably still great as ever. But I just decided to not use them anymore as long as I can get smth equal at Hetzner/Contabo.

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  • I used them roughly 2 years ago for a ton of personal tasks. US latency wasn't awesome, and with European laws, I no longer wanted to host there.

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  • nfnnfn
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    I have been using them for about 4 years (April 2020) and they are premium.
    I used email and phone support a few times and they are very good.
    I'm using a RS 2000 SAS myself.

  • Using them for 3 years now and never had an issue that I remember.

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  • Finally purchased RS 2000 after all your reviews. So far performance is pretty nice.

    Thank you all!

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